Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yet Another List....

 Of kindergartenish informationWhich is weird, because I rarely use lists in my real life.  But I like them on  my blog....Anyway, here's more stuff you may not know...
  • While you’re reading a story, the kids on the front row will stick their fingers in the holes of your Crocs. 
  •  On a somewhat related note, they are absolutely fascinated by any kind of lipstick, jewelry or nail polish. Boy and girls equally. If you paint your toenails and wear flip flops, the kids in the front will be unable to listen to anything you say, because they will be looking at your feet. 
  • They always use WAY too much hand sanitizer (hanitizer). It drips down their elbows and takes the wax off the floor. 
  • Conversely, they won’t use soap to wash their hands unless you make them. It’s not enough to tell them to use soap, you have to stand there and watch them. I spend way more time in the men’s room than anyone should have to.... 
  •  You have to say, “Please take your hands out of your pants,” a LOT. 
  •  They have NO concept of age—it doesn’t matter if you tell them you’re 16 or 100, they’ll believe you.
  • They like to get tissues, but they don't use them.  They carry the kleenex around and end up jamming their fingers up their noses.
  •  Many of them will be unable to write their names, zip their pants, or tie their shoes, but will know all the words to “Shawty Got Low”, all the songs in High School Musical and the theme to SpongeBob SquarePants.
Yes, it’s a really good thing they’re cute.

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