Friday, October 2, 2009

Out of The Mouths of Babes...

Here are some random things that my kids have said:

  • When I asked one of my students why he ran on all a GORILLA...he said, "My mom say, 'If you love lions, act like one.'"
  • On a cloudy Friday, one of my students said (by the way, you have to picture this with a lisp)"uh, Miss Qualls, is it gonna rain today?...I didn't watch the news. I haven't watched the news in a hundred years, and I've only been alive for five..."
  • One day when I dismissed the kids to go write in their journals, this same student said, "Well, you know, professional baseball players CAN be eaten by bears, too." We hadn't been talking about bears. Or baseball players.
  • We've been writing about each person in our class during journal time. We write, I see ____. He/she is my friend. One of my kids had only written the first sentence. When asked why, he said, "Weellll, when we're on the playground, she never plays with me, so she's not really my friend..."
  • On the way in from the playground--"Hey, I been to the mountains. I played with my grandpa when I was there. I beat him 80 buhcent." (That's 80 percent.)
  • We've been learning about nursery rhymes. So here's the question I got this week--"Is we gonna do Honky Donky again?" Yes, that's Humpty Dumpty.

And no, I can't always keep a straight face.

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