Friday, October 1, 2010

Maybe It's the New Lip Gloss....

I think one of my students has developed a crush on me.
As evidenced by the following:

All of a sudden, all these pictures have started showing up on my desk.

Pictures of me, smiling and picking flowers.

Teeny, tiny pictures of me.

Pictures of him and me on horse back.

Pictures of him rescuing me from deathly peril.  That's me in the cage, by the way.

 And then there's this.

Notice the Q with the hearts around it.  That's Q, as in Qualls.

I'd call this the smoking gun. 
I'm figuring this will last until the next time I put him in the dog house for starting some sort of batman/superman death match on the playground. 
Which will probably be in about half an hour.


  1. This is funny and maybe a little ceepy too. I think my favorite is him rescuing you.

  2. Is he your knight in shining armor? I still think you should write a book...maybe you and Angela could write one together!

  3. If by "knight in shining armor", you mean "pain in my butt", then yes.

  4. I've been waiting for you to blog on this years class! :)