Friday, January 29, 2010

I Blame Disney

I swear I had nothing to do with this.... The art teacher called me yesterday.
She told me the kids have been working on these under the sea pictures.

They've been working on them for quite some time.

Apparently, one of the pictures escaped the art teacher's notice.

Until it was too late.
Word to the wise--be careful about watching that Little Mermaid.....
P.S. No, it's not the same kid who did the skeleton. =)


  1. Leah, your brother Charlie told me about your blog and it is hilarious! Our family enjoys it so much. Please keep telling us about your kdg. experiences.

  2. SO funny. Don't get me started on Disney's influences. Ugh.

    What a funny thing. Art is truly an expression, ay?

  3. Well, at least they didn't remake the orignial Little Mermaid movie cover....quite scandalous. Ask me later if you don't know what I mean! (I've got the original!)